Special Rapporteur Irene Khan’s new report to the UN General Assembly explores the negative impact of gendered disinformation, especially on women and gender nonconforming persons, and its implications for the right to freedom of expression. She seeks to clarify the distinct nature of gendered disinformation, which is both a strategy to silence the free expression of women and gender nonconforming persons and a threat to their safety and health, as well as a possible form of online gender-based violence. The Special Rapporteur investigates the factors that drive gendered disinformation and its negative impacts, identifying significant knowledge and policy gaps that should be addressed. Stressing that there can be no trade-off between women’s right to be safe and their right to speak, the Special Rapporteur promotes a “gendered response” to online threats, including by addressing the underlying factors that drive gendered disinformation and gender-based violence.

You can read the report by clicking below.