A report by Special Rapporteur Irene Khan introduces a paradigm shift in looking at sustainable development through the lens of freedom of expression.

In the report, Ms. Khan explores the links between the two prescient concepts — and how the concept of the right to information exists as part of the right to freedom of expression.

While important progress has been made in normative standards for access to information, the Special Rapporteur highlights that more needs to be done to ensure that the voices of those most disadvantaged in society are heard.

She argues that only when both access to information and the effective participation of youth, Indigenous communities, the media, human rights defenders, civil society actors, and others are fulfilled will the promise to leave no one behind be realized.

As world leaders prepare to gather at the United Nations Headquarters in September 2023 to review progress on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, the Special Rapporteur calls for renewed political commitment to uphold freedom of expression, an enabler of sustainable development.

You can read the report by clicking below.